My work focuses on negative, dark emotions that can consume, torment and overwhelm a person. It looks at how these emotions can trigger surreal experiences detaching a person from reality itself. By focusing on these criteria, I want to create and embed a dark aesthetic, conveying feelings of loneliness, helplessness and anxiety. My work aims to express these emotional states and surreal experiences through a creative output, as these experiences can be hard to talk about or express easily.

Along with focusing on emotive and surreal aspects behind my photography, I am also using constructive photography, creating sets for images, to express these emotions in surreal settings. I especially like to focus on composition, costume and lighting within my images, as surreal and fantasy stylized photography is one of my favourite ways to work. I have a real passion for the surreal and fantasy aesthetics within photography, I like to convey the world of imagination and childlike experiences we all think about but never admit.

I invite you to come along to our exhibition and view my latest work as well as my fellow students, and see for yourself what up and coming photographers can produce.