My work contemplates the frailty and vulnerability of the human condition; our relationship with self and other and more specifically our relationship with trauma, ageing and death.

Photography is central to my work; capturing initial ideas, recording process and as the basis for a final piece, offering a rich starting point, whether using analogue or digital methods, new or found images. Working with traditional and digital darkroom processes allows me to manipulate photographs in a variety of ways in order to reinterpret, add, change or emphasise meaning.

Photography has the unique power to capture both the exquisite pain and the overwhelming beauty of the world we inhabit and because photography is so much part of the way in which we all document and edit our lives, it is a truly accessible and flexible medium.

I’m interested in the way in which a photograph is perceived to be the truth and yet has so much power to deceive, fuelling as well as distorting memory. Understanding why we covet and collect representations of only half of the life we lead, the ‘Beauty’, declining, even considering it poor taste to capture the other side of our story, the ‘Beast’ is central to my exploration.